MSRA Responds to blog written on January 31, 2018 by Tom Pelton

4 Jun 2018 8:17 AM | Anonymous

As a non‐profit organization that promotes the field of stream restoration through continuing research and education, the Maryland Stream Restoration Association (MSRA) is submitting a counterpoint response in favor of stream restoration. The MSRA executive board felt that Tom Pelton’s January 31, 2018 blog post about stream restoration projects and climate change, “Stream ‘Restoration’ Projects Being Washed Away by Climate Change”, was one‐sided, with quotes, projects, and rain events that seem to be hand selected to suggest only failure, when instead the field is in a state of growth and innovation. The MSRA recognizes the need to answer various outstanding questions in the science of stream restoration, including the impacts of climate change. However, oversizing channels to handle larger flows or deciding to abandon stream restoration as a solution all together is not the answer. The answer lies in supporting sustainable funding of a holistic scientific monitoring approach to better understand the unknowns.

The entire response is available here

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