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Maryland Stream Restoration Association  Vision Statement:   “We are an association of professionals dedicated to healthy streams through the advancement of stream restoration science.”  

Membership in the Maryland Stream Restoration Association provides opportunities for those involved in stream restoration to network with each other and informally share data, protocols and other information, lessons learned and opportunities.  Current members include local, state and federal agency personnel, as well as academics and design consultants.

Our bylaws are available here.



President: Adam Nabors

Secretary: Joe Berg

Treasurer: Pete Daly


Richard Pfingsten

Katrina Emery Davis

Scott Petrey

Will Weaver

Visual Director:  Catherine Hoy


Membership Committee:

Karly Feight - Chair

Rich Pfingsten - Board Liason

Education Committee:

Maddie Berg - Co-chair 

Shannon Lucas - Co-chair 

Will Weaver - Board Liason

Zoe Jarvis - MSRA Student Ambassador

Program Committee:

MaryBeth O'Bryan - Co-chair

Sarah Norton - Co-chair

Adam Nabors - Board Liason

Sumer Alsatarwah

Madison Warfield

Research and Monitoring Committee:

Katrina Emery Davis - Co-Chair

Joe Berg - Co-Chair

Communications Committee:

Emily Fask - Chair

Scotty Petrey - Board Liason

Public Outreach Committee:

Elizabeth Kanner - Chair

Katrina Emery Davis - Board Liason

Interested in joining a committee or becoming more involved? Please email one of our officers to let them know you would like to volunteer!

Adam Nabors, President

Joe Berg, Secretary

Pete Daly, Treasurer
Katrina Emery Davis,  Board Member

Rich Pfingsten, Board Member

Scott Petrey, Board Member

Will Weaver, Board Member

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